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NDT’s Pre-Professonial Company Program

What does it meant to be in NDT’s Pre-Professional Company Program?

Nunnbetter Dance Theatre is committed to providing our students with the finest instruction in ballet and all other
forms of dance. We believe that the discipline, rigor and commitment of dance not only helps to create beautiful and
talented dancers, but also strong, confident and exceptional people.

NDT’s Pre-Professional Company Program is designed for NDT’s Intermediate and Advanced students who want to take
their dance experience to the next level and who are ready to commit and focus on their overall training. NDT’s Pre-
Professional Company Program is a year-long commitment to pushing the students training to the next level.

What are the benefits of enrolling in NDT’s Pre-Professional Company Program?

Dancers who audition and are accepted into NDT’s Pre-Professional Company Program will:

  • Be considered for principal parts in the NDT Nutcracker production.
  • Be cast in the NDT Spring Concert.
  • Be eligible to audition and be considered for casting in NDT’s ensemble pieces for the YAGP* competition.
    (*Additional expense)
  • Have complimentary access to two Dance Health workshops offered during the school year.
  • Be given a pre-sale discount ticket offer (limited time) to NDT’s Nutcracker.
  • Be given an NDT Pre-Professional Company Program Jacket.
  • May be asked to do promotional appearances prior to the Nutcracker weekend.
  • Benefit from over 50 hours of training and rehearsal above and beyond regular classes.
  • Benefit from performance opportunities.

What are the requirements to participate NDT’s Pre-Professional Company Program?

Requirement for acceptance and participation are:

  • Dancers must be enrolled at the Intermediate or Advanced level at NDT and audition for the Pre-Professional Company
  • For Intermediate students: A commitment to a full course load of classes, to include both (2) Intermediate classes, plus at
    least one additional Int/Adv level Ballet class, plus at least two additional classes in ballet of other dance genres. 5 classes
  • For Advanced students: A commitment to a full course load of classes, to include the three (3) Advanced ballet classes,
    Pointe/Variations class, plus at least one additional Int/Adv. level Ballet class, plus at least two additional classes in ballet or
    other dance genres. 7 classes minimum.
  • Consistent attendance to the above mentioned classes and Company rehearsals will be closely monitored. Students
    missing classes or rehearsals consistently, or who are tardy will be asked to leave the Pre-Professional Company Program.
  • Commitment to support, attend, and participate in NDT Pre-Professional Company fundraising events and performances.
  • Proper attire, attitude and attention in class.
  • Pre-Professional Company fee of $375 in addition to unlimited class tuition pricing. (This company fee is NOT inclusive of
    the Nutcracker participation fees).